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New & Improved

Recently redesigned and improved Extreme Drums Triggers are more sensitive and more durable than ever before, giving you greater performance, both now and for years to come. Now you can have the most sensitive drum triggers available today ... along with all cables needed to hook them up to any drum module you choose.


You can quickly and safely install Extreme Drums Triggers inside your drums in just minutes per drum.


And our Custom-Built Triggers  come supplied with all the connecting cables you need to connect your drums to your drum module or trigger-to-MIDI converter.  We will also be available, both before and after the sale to help answer any questions you may have about converting your church drums.


30-Day Satisfaction or Money-Back Guarantee, plus a 5-Year Repair or Replacement Warranty. 


Order your Extreme Drums Triggers today and turn your drums into the best feeling and best responding electronic drums you've ever played.


History Of Extreme Drums

Extreme Drums was created to offer drummers and percussionists the chance to easily enter the new world of acoustic-electronic drumming. For the last several years electronic drum technology has taken giant leaps forward and many drummers have taken advantage of these new improvements in the technology. However most drummers are still unaware of the tremendous possibilities available to them today.


Drum modules have several new features and many of the mesh-headed drum pads respond much more realistically than ever before. Unfortunately, drum pads have remained limited to small sizes and most e-drummers have silently longed for a full-sized drumset again while playing their small electronic drums.

But Marshall Rinker has changed all that. He has been playing drums for more than fifty years and is also an inventor who, among other things, invented and patented the world's first Pedal-less Hi Hat, which later became known as Auxiliary or Closed Hi Hats. While touring the country playing a double-bass drumset in rock bands in the late sixties and early seventies he experimented with different ways for playing a closed Hi Hat while using two bass drums. After perfecting a pedal-less Hi Hat prototype, he obtained a U.S. Patent for it in 1978. Today there are still several companies making their version of his pedal-less Hi Hat, such as Gibraltar, Tama, Yamaha, and Ludwig. They have various names, depending on the manufacturer, such as X-Hat, Auxiliary Hi Hat, and Closed Hi Hat.


In the late eighties Marshall began experimenting with making his own triggers to expand his personal electronic drumset. He created several drum pad designs as well as electronic cymbals, long before anyone else was offering e-cymbals. By the mid nineties he had perfected many of his own trigger designs and began building and selling custom electronic kits locally. By the late nineties mesh drumheads became available for acoustic drums and were marketed as silent heads for quiet home practice. This started his creative juices flowing again.


Being an inventor who liked to "think outside the box" he immeditely converte a drumset using mesh drum heads and his custom-built triggers. The result was a dramatic improvement over other drum pads available. By 2004 Marshall began building acoustic-electronic conversions and selling them throughout North America. He has continued to improve his trigger designs to what they are today, offering drummers a quick and easy way to convert their own drums by easily installing Extreme Drums internal triggers inside their drums. Today Extreme Drums sells their custom-built triggers around the world to more and more satisfied customers. 


Extreme Drums is located south of Indianapolis in Martinsville, Indiana.

Give us a call at 765- 621- 4816 Monday - Saturday 10 am - 8 PM Eastern Time.