Safely Convert Your Classic Drums
Safely Convert Your Classic Drums
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New & Improved

Recently redesigned and improved Extreme Drums Triggers are more sensitive and more durable than ever before, giving you greater performance, both now and for years to come. Now you can have the most sensitive drum triggers available today ... along with all cables needed to hook them up to any drum module you choose.


You can quickly and safely install Extreme Drums Triggers inside your drums in just minutes per drum.


And our Custom-Built Triggers  come supplied with all the connecting cables you need to connect your drums to your drum module or trigger-to-MIDI converter.  We will also be available, both before and after the sale to help answer any questions you may have about converting your church drums.


30-Day Satisfaction or Money-Back Guarantee, plus a 5-Year Repair or Replacement Warranty. 


Order your Extreme Drums Triggers today and turn your drums into the best feeling and best responding electronic drums you've ever played.


Extreme Drums custom made drum triggers let you quickly convert your acoustic drums into fantastic electronic drums. And now, all our triggers are new and improved, giving an even greater response and sensitivity!

Each trigger is hand-built with exclusive trade secret craftsmanship that gives your drums greater response and sensitivity than any other brand of triggers or electronic drums today. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back!  No need to spend countless hours trying to make your own high-quality triggers ... we've done it for you.  No holes to drill or wires to solder.  Install them inside your drums with just a drum key and a screwdriver.  And we supply all the cables and connectors needed to plug them into any drum module or trigger to MIDI or USB converter box that you want to use with your converted acoustic drums.


Quickly and easily install a set of our triggers yourself and turn your drums into fantastic electric drums that will out perform other DIY kits as well as any manufactured e-drums!

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back.

30-Day Satisfaction or Money-Back Guarantee,
plus a 5-Year Repair or Replacement Warranty

Watch the video below to see how fast and easy it is to convert your acoustic drums.

Do you ever get complaints from people who say something like this: "Your drums are just too loud!  Why can't you turn them down?" 

Are your drums too loud for home practice or for live performance in churches, small clubs, or in your project studio?  If your drums are giving you any of these problems, we have the perfect solution for you, by quickly and easily converting them into fantastic e-drums.
Maybe drum volume isn't your main concern. Maybe you just want to use your acoustic drums
instead of small unrealistic e-drum pads to take advantage of today's great drum samples loaded into your computer. If so, converting your drums into great electronic drums with Extreme Drums Triggers is your best answer. 

A few or our customer's comments ...

January 2018 - Gary Thornberry, Okarche OK - "Marshall, I just had to write to let you know how impressed I am with your triggers. They were super easy to install and set up. I converted an acoustic PDP kit and it looks and sounds incredible. I did have to adjust the SENS a little (in Roland TD-30 module) but WOW ... No double triggering - no issues with latency. Thank you again for creating such a wonderful product." 

September 2017 - Allan Rubin, Vienna VA - "Extreme Drums triggers were easy to install and worked flawlessly from the first day. I've used them with two different modules and had a strong performance with each. Marshall has been responsive to all questions and provides good setup advice. Highly recommended!"
February 2016 - Danny Kirsch  “ Marshall your triggers have changed my life.  I am a producer based in London and I could not be happier. Thank you for an amazing product … the best of it’s kind.    Danny Kirsch is a UK music producer/writer and engineer with numerous chart hits worldwide. Go to our Customer Comments page for more of Danny’s review and his contact info.
"Triggers just arrived!  VERY HAPPY!!  Works and sounds wicked!  Thank you Marshall very much!!  Live gig on Friday night ... can't wait ! "  Jeff Millman, Ontario, Canada - April 2015
"Thank you for these triggers!!  They are amazing and sound nice and they respond quickly, I am very pleased!!"  Isaiah Calhoun, Lincoln, CA - December 2014


" I have been using your triggers for about 2 years now and I just wanted to let you know you have an amazing product. I love the fact you get the trigger response and sound of an electronic drumset but the look of an acoustic. Please don't ever stop making this product because I will be a lifetime customer." Taurean Kugler, Alberta Canada - November 2014


" I'm having a good time with your triggers, I set them up and plugged into my Alesis I/O Box and tested with Addictive Drums and with EZ Drums and the response of the triggers it's amazing. Thanks for your products." Omar Parrilla Alejandro, Texas - November 2014


I can't say enough good things about Extreme Drum Triggers and the excellent service provided by Marshall. They were easy to install, and I received a lot of good advice that made it a relatively painless procedure. Going from playing a Roland TD4KX2 kit to playing my Ludwigs has been a joyful experience. With the triggers and mesh heads, my volume level is about the same and I'm no longer concerned about playing the tiny pads on the original kit. I may eventually convert my other acoustic set to electric, and I know where I'll go if that happens --- Extreme Drums. I recommend anyone considering making the switch to an acoustic e-kit to check Extreme Drums out.  Mark D. Myers,  Ohio - January 2014


Hi Marshall, just wanted to let you know that the triggers arrived in Scotland safely. I have fitted them with no problem and my Premier Kit looks and sounds fantastic!  These triggers are amazing and so simple to install. The cross stick action is better than my original Roland TD 12 setup. Everything about Extreme Drums has been a great experience from start to finish - keep up the good work. Your number 1 fan in the UK,  Gavin Edgar, Dungigin Scotland - October 2013 


After having issues with the volume level of our acoustic drums, even with a drum screen the level was too much. The drummers were asked to play quieter to no effect. So without consulting the drummers further the leadership of the church worship team purchased an electric drum kit, a TD-9 with V-drums. The drummers did not like them at all. They made the comment to me that electrics didn’t feel like normal drums and they were loosing their enjoyment of playing in church. When we found extreme drums triggers online our drummers’ eyes lit up and they showed a real interest. We bought an extreme drums snare trigger to try out. The drummers loved it, it felt close to a real snare and the rest of the worship team noticed a difference. Even though we have it hooked up to our TD-9 module with the same sounds, they all thought it sounded different, more real. I can only put this down to the way the trigger behaves and how it reacts in a real snare. It’s awesome! Needless to say the order was placed for the remaining triggers. Ours drummers have their enthusiasm back, it feels more real and they enjoying drumming at church again. Plus in the back of our video shots is a real looking drum kit with the chrome bits shining, looks much nicer on stage than a rig of drum pads. Extreme Drums Triggers were a great purchase for our church and coupled with some Zildjian Gen-16 cymbals we have a complete package. If we knew that this option was out there before we purchased the Roland Kit we would have gone straight for the acoustic electric option. Thanks Extreme Drums.   Nat McLeay, Hope Center, Lower Hutt, New Zealand - November 2013


Digital Drummer Magazinean online e-drum magazine, tested several commercial drum triggers that are available for drummers to use to convert their acoustic drums. In the February 2012 issue of  Digital Drummer Magazine they published their review of our X-2 Dual Trigger that they installed in a 14” snare drum with a mesh head on top. Here are excerpts from that article:

“Extremely easy … the EDT (Extreme Drums Trigger) kit is among the quickest and easiest of all the DIY kits to install. It is totally reversible, with no damage to the shell.”

“Installation is very easy … with clear instructions and comprehensive documentation covering everything from trigger settings for a range of modules, to tips on making your own rim silencers.  Of all the kits out there, this one takes the prize for information provision.”

“Triggering was excellent from the outside of the head to the center. There was good dynamic range and responsiveness.” 


“The warranty (5-year) is class leading.”

“In summary, the system provides an easy affordable and effective conversion of acoustic drums into electronic.”

See more of our customers' comments by clicking on the

"Customer Comments" link at the top of this page.


Now you can install Extreme Drums Triggers in your drums without having to drill any holes in your shells or make any permanent changes to your drums! 


Here is our X-2 Trigger mounted in a wood snare drum, giving you two trigger zones for two different sounds per drum. 

One zone gives you sounds that are triggered from hits on the drumhead and the other zone gives you sounds triggered from hits on the rim of your drum.



Turn any drums into great e-drums quickly and easily. Use your current drums or a back up set, new or used, making them the best feeling, most sensitive electronic drums you've ever played!

Your converted drums will be so sensitive you can play them with brushes. Or drop a tooth-pick on the head and hear sounds trigger.



Install Extreme Drums Triggers inside your drums

without drilling holes or making permanent changes!

   - OR -

If you want to drill the shells and install 1/4" jacks, check out our special Custom 1/4" Through-the-shell Jack Cables below .



Our Custom Built Trigger Kits


Our new X-1 Single Zone Trigger, with cables, and extra lug screws.  Also includes easy to follow instructions and "Secrets for Using Your Electronic Drums" publication.






Our new Kick Trigger, with cables, and extra lug screws.  Includes easy to follow instructions and "Secrets for Using Your Electronic Drums" publication.




This is our new X-2 Dual Zone Trigger Kit with Head and Rim sensors. Includes connecting cables, and extra lug screws. Installs in your wood snare drum or toms in about 15 minutes per drum. Includes easy to follow instructions and "Secrets for Using Your Electronic Drums" publication.





* For a chrome or metal snare drum select an X-3 Dual Zone Trigger on the order page.  * Or for a metal piccolo snare choose X-3p Dual Zone Trigger.

Introducing the X-4 Expandable Trigger. This is one of our newest creations. The X-4 is a single zone trigger that has the ability to adjust the sensor closer to the center of the drum head if you like. It is recommended for all 16" and 18"floor toms,  but can be used on any tom or snare if you wish. The advantage of the X-4 with larger drums like floor toms is that it gives you the ability to move the sensor for more sensitivity if needed on the larger heads. You may not need it though because all our new trigger designs are super sensitive. But if the type of mesh head you choose is less sensitive than some others, an X-4 trigger would give you greater adjustability if needed. And if you want to turn an X-4 into a dual trigger simply add one of our separate Rim Triggers.    $64.50

Here is our new super sensitive Rim Trigger. This new trigger is quick and easy to install in minutes. Added to any of our single zone triggers like the X-1 and the X-4, you can turn a single zone trigger into a dual-zone trigger. The Rim Trigger comes standard with any X-2 or X-3 Dual Triggers choices. By itself, it is only  $24.50 

Xtreme 1/4" Through-the-shell Custom Jack. 


We also offer a 1/4" jack that you can install yourself in the shell of your drum if you choose. It requires carefully drilling a 1/2" hole through your drum shell to install the jack instead of running our small cable through the vent hole of your drum. 

This gives you a permanent installation in your drum. We provide the 1/4" to 1/4" cable to plug into your drum shell and your drum module.


$8.50 extra per drum

We can also provide you with 1/4" to 1/4" barrel couplers if your drum module has a multi-cable with all the individual drum cables combined into a single multiplug going into your module. Some of those drum modules are the Roland TD-4, TD-9, TD-11, TD-15, or TD-25. You also find these multi-cables with the Alesis DM6, DM7, and Alesis DM8 modules. Our barrel couplers will let you connect to the wiring harness from any of these modules to the cables we supply with our triggers.

We accept payments through Pay Pal and Money Orders - United States funds only.

With the Pay Pal option you can order directly and securely from our website through our "Order Page" or we can send you an email invoice through Pay Pal to safely complete your purchase with your credit card or debit card without having a Pay Pal account of your own.

Convert your drums, old or new ... any size, any brand

Maybe you have tried to build your own triggers to convert your drums yourself. If so, you probably
found out that building your own triggers successfully requires a lot more than simply putting piezos inside your drums. You can literally spend hundreds of hours experimenting, trying one thing after another, building and rebuilding triggers, trying to find the right mix of components and design that would give your triggers great response and great durability ... triggers that won't give out on you when you need them most ... while you are playing your drums. We've sold triggers to frustrated drummers all over the world who finally threw in the towel. They tried ours after spending a lot of wasted hours trying to figure it out themselves. I can't tell you how many times we have heard some of our customers say. "I wish I would have tried Extreme Drums Triggers first."

Some of our customers were previously using a variety of add-on triggers, such as clamp on triggers, or stick-on triggers, and they weren't getting the results they wanted. Their triggers were not accurately reproducing what they played or their triggers weren't lasting very long, and they were very frustrated. They also wanted triggers that mounted inside their drums and out of the way. They were tired of triggers mounted on the outside of their drums where they looked bad and got in the way of their playing. When they tried ours they were instantly satisfied with the results.

Our Triggers are designed by Gary Marshall Rinker ... who goes by his middle name Marshall ... the owner and creator of Extreme Drums. He has been a drummer and percussionist for over 50 years and has been building triggers and electronic drums since the late eighties. Marshall has invested thousands of hours perfecting his designs. He has played his converted drum sets in front of live audiences hundreds of times over the last several years. Marshall is a perfectionist and very picky about the performance of his triggers.  The quality, response, and durability of his triggers must work
flawlessly for him first and formost. If his triggers didn't work to his satisfaction he would not be using them, or selling them to anyone else. After all, he was doing this exclusively for himself long before he made it available to the public. When you purchase Extreme Drums Triggers you get the advantage of all his experience as well as the hundreds and hundreds of hours he spent experimenting with and building his custom made electronic drum triggers. This saves you the time and trouble of having to figure it out yourself. 


Why spend hundreds of frustrating hours experimenting when you could be playing your converted drums right away with complete satisfaction? PLUS when you purchase Extreme Drums Triggers you will be able to email or call Marshall personally for any questions or concerns you may have, making sure your converted drums will meet or exceed your expectations.  


Now you can have the best of both worlds, beautiful full size drums, with all the advantages of electronics. You no longer have to sacrifice the great looks and great feel of your acoustic drums
in order to play electronic drums. Welcome back to feel-good drumming!  And welcome back to the Big League ... with full size e-drums.

For several years Extreme Drums converting complete drum sets for drummers all over the US. Some drummers packed up their drums and shipped them to us for a custom conversion. Still, others bought a new set online and had them shipped directly to us to be converted. We got to see their drums before they did. We unpacked them, converted and tested them, then repacked and shipped them to their new owners. But now we no longer have to go to this lengthy proceedure to give you a great acoustic electronic drum set. 

Now we have a better option that is much quicker than you packing up your drums and shipping them to us. We have redesigned our Custom-built Triggers to make them fast and easy for you to install yourself.  In fact you can now convert your drums in about 15 minutes per drum. This also saves your precious time and a lot of your hard earned money.


Remember... when you convert your drums with Extreme Drums Triggers you will not be making any permanent changes to your drums or damaging them at all.


Along with our triggers you will also receive easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow instructions with lots of pictures to make it extra easy. These simple 4-page instructions will quickly step you through the installation process so you will be playing your converted drums in no time at all.


PLUS ... we will include a several page publication written by Marshall giving you tons of advice and secrets for using your converted drums successfully. These secrets are from a lot of the things he
discovered during his 20-plus years of building and playing electronic drums. This publication is yours free with any trigger purchase.


Be an Extreme Drummer with Extreme Drums Triggers!



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