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New & Improved

Recently redesigned and improved Extreme Drums Triggers are more sensitive and more durable than ever before, giving you greater performance, both now and for years to come. Now you can have the most sensitive drum triggers available today ... along with all cables needed to hook them up to any drum module you choose.


You can quickly and safely install Extreme Drums Triggers inside your drums in just minutes per drum.


And our Custom-Built Triggers  come supplied with all the connecting cables you need to connect your drums to your drum module or trigger-to-MIDI converter.  We will also be available, both before and after the sale to help answer any questions you may have about converting your church drums.


30-Day Satisfaction or Money-Back Guarantee, plus a 5-Year Repair or Replacement Warranty. 


Order your Extreme Drums Triggers today and turn your drums into the best feeling and best responding electronic drums you've ever played.


Questions and Answers

Most frequently asked questions about converting with Extreme Drums Triggers

1.  Are internal triggers really better? How do your triggers compare with clamp-on triggers? 

First of all, having triggers inside your drums not only look much better than having clamp-on triggers on your rims, they also work better. The reason is that with clamp-on triggers touching the top of your drum head they might loose contact with the head when you play. When you hit a drum head with your stick it actually moves into the drum slightly. You may not see it with your eyes but it happens to some degree. The larger the drum the more this happens. It happens less on small drums and more on larger drums like floor toms and bass drums. Watch your bass drum head when you play it and you might see it happen. It will depress inward when hit. This motion by the heads might cause an external trigger to occasionally loose contact with the head and it could also cause an extra sound to retrigger when the head slams back into the trigger. With internal triggers this is unlikely to happen because as the head moves into the drum it also stays in contact with the trigger. When you install Extreme Drums Triggers according to our simple instructions they won't loose this vitally important contact with the head. Another advantage of internal triggers is that they are not exposed to being hit or damaged when transporting your drums. 

2. Can I use regular acoustic heads with Extreme Drums Triggers?

No you can't while using your drums as electronic drums. The problem with acoustic heads and triggers is that acoustic heads give you a lot of false triggering. This is because all the extra vibrations and overtones of an acoustic head causes a trigger to think you are hitting the drum multiple times when you have only hit it once. In order for an acoustic head to be successfully used with a trigger it has to be deadened and muffled by filling the drum with foam rubber, towels, blankets, or other material. But then your drum no longer feels or responds like a drum more like a rubber pad. For a realistic feel and response you really need to use mesh heads on top of your drums when using them as e-drums. However, after installing Extreme Drums Triggers you can still use your drums as acoustic drums by simply taking off the mesh heads and putting the acoustic heads back on. You don't have to take the triggers out of your drums. They will act as small internal mufflers, cutting down on some of the unwanted acoustic head overtones.


3. Which mesh heads work best and how much do they cost?

For those of you who are heavy hitters you may want to use Billy Blast Drums Ballistech II mesh head on at least your snare drum. The Ballistech II heads are 3-ply mesh heads that last longer than Pearl's MFH heads but they still have great sensitivity as long as you keep them very tight on your snare and tome. Your bass drum can be looser and still trigger well. Hart Dynamics Magnuum heads are a possibility also but I like the Ballistech II heads better for accurate triggering.


If you live in Europe you can find T Drum Triggerheads or Percussion Plus mesh heads instead of Pearl or Remo heads.  Heavy hitters you should use 682Drum mesh heads or Z-ED mesh heads instead of Billy Blast's Ballistech II heads.


4. Does the type of drum or kind of shell material make a difference? 

No, inexpensive drums work the same as expensive ones because the sounds come from your drum module, not your drum. As a converted acoustic to electronic drum the main purpose of the drum shell is to hold the trigger and mesh head. 

Beyond that, the purpose of your converted drums are to look good and possibly make a statement about your personality. The shell thickness or wrap makes no difference in the sound you hear or the response of the triggers.


5. Is positional sensing available with your triggers? 

Yes positional sensing is available under two conditions. First - you will need to have a module that offers positional sensing. And second - you will need one of our dual triggers on any drum that you want positional sensing from. Usually this is just your snare drum. Also, if you are using a Billy Blast Ballistech II head or a Hart Magnum head you will need to keep it tight so it will be responsive enough for positional sensing.



6. Can I convert my vintage, classic drum set?  

Vintage or classic drums from the 1960s, 1950s, or older can also be converted.  This would include older drums from drum makers like Rogers, Ludwig, Slingerland, Gretsch, Camco, Premier, Leedy, etc.  Bass drums up to 24” can be converted but larger bass drums cannot because a 24” mesh head is the largest size available at this time.


Most vintage drums have an extra layer of wood inside the shells close to the top and bottom heads, called a reinforcement ring or reinforcement hoop. This can present an extra challenge for installing triggers. Therefore we will need to build custom triggers to precisely fit your drums.

If you are wanting to convert your vintage drums be sure to let us know about them when you call so we can talk over the possibilities with you and make sure we build triggers that will fit your vintage drum shells.



7. How do your triggers compare with Roland's mesh head drum pads (V-Drums) in terms of sensitivity and latency?

With Extreme Drums Triggers and the mesh heads we recommend, the latency and sensitivity is excellent and superior to most other drum triggers or electronic drums.

8. I am from Australia and I am wondering if you ship overseas? Also I was curious what drum module you recommend to best interface with your triggers?  

Yes we do ship overseas. Of course the shipping costs will be higher than shipping in the United States. Email us at marshall@extremedrums.com and we can give you a better idea about what the shipping cost would be.  



9. Are there any products available for rim triggering that would cover the rim to reduce stick noise?

Yes there are companies who offer rims with rubber covered edges that you could buy to replace your top rims of your snare and toms, but they are a little pricey. There are also specially made slip-on rubber protectors to place over your current rims for a lot less money. But in our special bonus report that is included with your triggers we show you how to easily make your own rubber protectors at a fraction of the cost. Rubber rim covering is not really necessary unless you are wanting the quietest response from your drums such as quiet home practice. But for playing live, I don't think the rubber covered rims are needed and I don't use them anymore.



10.  What kind of cables are included with your triggers?

We now include two kinds of triggers with each cable. One with 1/8" connectors on each end. This is the cable that you feed through the vent hole and plug into the trigger. The other end has a clamp that attaches to a tension rod of your bottom rim. The second cable is a 10 foot cable that goes to your drum module or trigger converter. This cable plugs into the jack attached to the rim of your drum and has a 1/4" TSR plug that plugs into your module and the 10 foot length allows you to place your module wherever you want it. 


If you are going to be using one of the Roland drum modules that come with a special wiring harness you will need to let us know that when ordering. These modules are TD-4, TD-9, TD-11, and TD-15. The special type of wiring harness that comes with these Roland modules combines all the cables from the drums into one input plug that plugs into the module. We would need to substitute a special adapter cable for each of your triggers to attach to the special Roland wiring harness instead of the 10' cable. So be sure to let us know when you order so we will supply the correct cables.



11. I have noticed on your website that you used to have drummers send you their drums and you converted them at your shop. Would it be better to send my drums to you and let you convert them for me?

No, this is no longer necessary. Years ago we used to build triggers that required holes to be drilled in the shells of your drums. This was such a delicate process that we did it for our customers to make sure the shells were protected the best way possible. Now our triggers install in your drums without having to drill any holes whatsoever. Today it is so much easier and faster to install our triggers. All we have to do is ship you the triggers, cables, and instructions in a small box through the mail. And in less than one week from today your drums can be converted and you could be playing them as full size acoustic-electronic drums ... without having to pack them up and shipping them to us. Our customers are amazed how simple it really is to convert their drums themselves ... and you will too. Even if you would run into any problems or have questions while installing your Extreme Drums Triggers, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call me.  I will help you out any way I can over the phone. 
Marshall Rinker

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