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New & Improved

Recently redesigned and improved Extreme Drums Triggers are more sensitive and more durable than ever before, giving you greater performance, both now and for years to come. Now you can have the most sensitive drum triggers available today ... along with all cables needed to hook them up to any drum module you choose.


You can quickly and safely install Extreme Drums Triggers inside your drums in just minutes per drum.


And our Custom-Built Triggers  come supplied with all the connecting cables you need to connect your drums to your drum module or trigger-to-MIDI converter.  We will also be available, both before and after the sale to help answer any questions you may have about converting your church drums.


30-Day Satisfaction or Money-Back Guarantee, plus a 5-Year Repair or Replacement Warranty. 


Order your Extreme Drums Triggers today and turn your drums into the best feeling and best responding electronic drums you've ever played.


Installing Extreme Drums Triggers

Installing an X-1 Trigger

1. Take the top drum head off and loosen the lug screws where the trigger will be installed.



       2. Slide the trigger bracket under both screws as shown. Some drums only have one screw per lug. In this case it is okay to use just one screw per bracket to attach each trigger. If the lug screws aren’t long enough use the extra screws we include. If your drums use different screws than the ones we include, take one of the lugs to a local hardware store to find longer replacement screws if needed.




3. Position the head trigger so that it sticks up above the edge of the drum slightly when looking across the top of the drum. Then tighten the lug screws to secure the trigger in place.  After the mesh head is attached you will see a very slight bulge in the head where the trigger pushes against the underside of the head.




4. Next, feed the small plug of the connecting cable through the vent hole of your drum.



5. Then plug it into the jack on the trigger.



6. Make sure the plug fits into the jack completely!  After that put a mesh head and the rim back on the drum. Tighten the tension screws so the head is fairly tight.



7. Attach the clamp that fits around the connecting cable's jack to a tension screw on the bottom or top rim.



8. Plug one end of the included 10-foot cable into the jack and plug the other end of that cable into your drum module.